7 key tools to have in your legal tech stack

For a large, commercial law firm, here are seven key tools I would want to have in my tech stack:

  • A great NLP doc review/analysis system that could give useful answers to direct natural language questions, whether for single contracts or bulk review. 
  • A Knowledge Management system that could do full enterprise search at a clause level and also reveal business information related to each contract and/or piece of work. 
  • A legal research / litigation analytics system that could provide not just case law data, but useful statistics on judges’ behaviour / responses to key legal arguments.  
  • A really intuitive contract automation system that was liked, and importantly actually used, by as many of the lawyers as possible. 
  • An easy to use no-code decision automation platform to join all the dots in the firm’s many process, whether legal processes or other operational areas. 
  • An NLP-driven drafting / red-lining / negotiation tool that integrates seamlessly with the doc automation and KM systems and helps to extract key contract data at the point of creation. 
  • A joined up practice management and matter pricing system that helped lawyers to develop scoped / fixed fees and to better understand efficiency in their outputs. 

There are naturally many other things you will need, including many other more basic tools, but these are the ones that I find most interesting and that can help to improve the means of legal production.