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RIP Templates. Meet the data-driven contract drafting experience

Originally published on Larcier Managing Lawyer 

They say data is gold. And they aren’t wrong. But we would like to add something to the saying though. Data is gold, and templates are old. Because although the data are available, we still see far too many organisations that build rigid templates for all types of contracts instead of actually looking for systems that make their database actionable. Although a good template approach is better than no approach at all, building those templates requires a lot of energy, time and effort, and in many cases only to end up in the deepest abysses of the law firm’s so-called ‘template library’ – a collection of templates based on the assessment and preferences of one or a few colleagues and that is quickly out of date. A very ineffective system is set up in the name of efficiency. It’s time for the data-driven contract drafting experience to take the stage.

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